Tribune History

In 2001, when the Twin Towers were destroyed and almost 4,000 lives vanished along with their dreams and plans for the future, the Hampton-Asmus family knew it was time to make a difference in their hometown. So began the journey of a new newspaper in Calistoga.

The first newspaper published here was the Calistoga Tribune, started in 1872 by Thomas McGeorge at the urging of town founder Sam Brannan. It would be the same name of this paper published in Calistoga 137 years later, binding the past with the present with a solemn pledge of covering the town's politics, events, people, schools, sports, clubs, births, deaths, and news that makes a difference to readers' lives.

"Cover to Cover, Just Calistoga" is the mantra that the Calistoga Tribune's staff picked to guide coverage each year.

It is now 18 years and 936+ issues later, and the Calistoga Tribune has become the most widely read weekly paper in the community with over 1,000 paid subscribers.

Our promise remains the same, the best coverage of Calistoga we can do as journalists committed to our craft and the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists: Seek truth and report it; minimize harm; act independently; and be accountable.

That is our continued promise to you, our readers, both online and in print.